January 2001: How it all began…

Herby was celebrating his 40th birthday with his family and all his friends. For this occasion his 2 brothers in law Charly and Walter and his 2 friends/schoolmates Robbi and Roli planned a little surprise… a midnight show! The motto was „The Beatles“ and dressed up with some Beatle cut wigs they stood with their instruments in front of the microphones and played some of the songs from the good old times. Visibly touched, the decision was firm for Herby. „In the autumn we are going to form an oldie-band!“ – was his only comment.

September 2001:

As Herby had predicted it, the first rehearsals begin. Roli (=Roland Köllemann) and Herby (Herbert Mittringer; former band member of the original „Flying Wheels“) start practicing the first Beatles songs in the newly installed rehearsal room. Their dream of a real band is just about to become a reality...

...Late autumn 2001:

After an advertisement in the newspapers the band gets a 3rd member... Louis (=Alois Stanger; former band founder of the “Rangers”), a bassist.
Gradually the whole thing is taking form, but more and more one thing sticks out – the missing of a drummer! ...Louis died at the 8th of August 2020...

Spring 2002:

The band gets Fredy (= Alfred Kempter; former band member of the original formation of the “Flying Wheels”) for this job. The band's complete! Now everything goes fast and one song after the other is rehearsed...Fredy died at the 19th of Juni 2021


18th November 2002 – The band's name “Come Together”:

What meaning does this name have to us? - It's meant to have a double meaning - firstly it should signalize our special liking of The Beatles – and secondly it should point out our way together on the tracks of the 50ies and 60ies.

The band's christening takes place at 10:15pm – 10:30pm: In red letters the name gets pasted on the Ludwig-drums 's foot drums.

On November 18th, 2022 it would have been time: We celebrate our 20th anniversary with you, but we had to postpone it! 

2nd March 2003:

Our first live-gig in the rooms from the "Stadtkapelle Bregenz-Vorkloster"!

Autumn 2003:

“Luis” quits the band and “Charly” (=Karl Hartl; Herby's brother in law) becomes the new bassist. Over the next 6-7 months Luis and Charly attend the rehearsals together until...

(Spring 2004:)

...”Charly” finally takes over from our unique “Luis”. He plays the Beatles-Bass by the way (just like Paul McCartney).

1st August 2005:

Another change in the band takes place:
“Geni” (=Eugen Rauch; band member of the “Flying Wheels” 3 years ago, which closed then) enters the band instead of Fredy...

24th May 2006:

… 1st performance of the song “Come together” from The Beatles in the restaurant Kornmesser at the “Lange Nacht der Musik” (=long night of music)...

17th September 2006:
...1st performance on the radio “SoundinV” on channel 98,2 with DD Hartmann from 9:03pm until 9:30pm...

15th October 2006:

...Smalltalk with Jens Bohn from radio “ARABELLA” on channel 95,9 from 10:03am until 11:10am...

31st March 2007:

...thanks to Gabi and Walter from the Show Factory Bregenz, our band does the supporting act of Wolfgang Ambros, Suzi Quatro, Bony M and the Sweet at the “Radio Salzburg Oldie Night”. In the Salzburgarena we play on the big stage in front of an audience of 3000 people.

8th September 2007:

… for the 1st time we play at the 59th autumn fair in Dornbirn at saturday evening in the economy hall (the entrance had to be blocked from 7:15pm, due to overcrowding).

August 2008:

… Attempt of a new homepage - www.cometogether-band.at.tf created with the help of Thomas Köllemann, thank`s. It's a fresh and dynamic homepage! Because of some technical problems on the PC it's not yet published though.

September 2008:


...on the 27th we played the last time with our drummer Geni at the Oldie-Night in Schwarzach. For more than 3 years he had been our rythmical support. At this point we all want to say THANK YOU for all the great performances and rehearsals!...
Being in search of a new drummer we got to know “Mr G.” (=Gerhard Ruther from Wangen i. A.), who did his 1
st rehearsal with us at the 11th october 2008... After 3 performances in the Kornmesser we separated again at the 2nd april 2009 – the search for a new drummer goes on again... and we found him!

April 2009:

… “Reini” (=Reinhard JOCHUM) from Dornbirn becomes our new drummer. And with him we didn't only get a new drummer, but also original “Ludwig”drums, which he plays. (We are already looking forward to some great performances with him.)

13th July 2009:

“Reini” creates our very 1st “Come Together Postcard” and a new fur with the logo of the band comes on his original Ludwig-drums.

22nd November 2010:

“Charly” rehearses his first solo songs of Adriano Celentano with us – soon all of the 4 of us will play “their” hits.

3rd March 2011:

1st “unplugged” gig at the “house prom” of Gütle's mountain hut at a height of 1200m with Charly, Herby and Roli including a battery-bass-Roland-amplifier!

August 2011:

24.08.2011: Herby and Roli travel together to London (visit of the Abbey-Road, etc.) and Liverpool where they follow in the tracks of The Beatles and their first performances. For this occasion they visit the world's probably most famous Club – the Cavern Club.

Every year at the end of august the “Beatles-Week” takes place there and numerous Beatles-cover-bands from the whole world get the chance of performing 1 hour in this cult club.
Apart from that this city offers everything a Beatles-fan desires: a special Beatles-hotel “A hard days night”, Beatles stores, a Beatles museum, Beatles tours with the bus, the taxi or on foot (which was how we moved around most of the time). From places like the nice district “Penny-Lane” to the gate “Strawberry fields”. We warmly recommend this city to every Beatles-fan. Here musical history was written and one can still feel that today...

..."The Beatribes" (very good Beatles-Cover-Band) from Osaka/Japan on stage in Cavern Club...

...Roli and Herby in Liverpool "Albert Docks" in front of the "Bealtes-Exhibition" ...

12th March 2012:

Our first "Vox" bass amplifier goes on-stream during rehearsals. Built by our own hands, modeled on the original, it excites Charly and the others not only with its design, but also with the improved sou. At this place, special thanks to "Uncle Walter" and Herby for the procurement and the assembly.

8th July 2012:

While being at the fire brigade festival in Satteins (a little town in Vorarlberg/A) with our fans, we had the unique opportunity to meet one of the best Beatles cover bands, called the "Cavern - Beatles". Of course we seized the opportunity and took a picture togehter with the boys from Liverpool.

23th August 2012:

This was a great evening! For the first time we performed on the main stage at Bregenz "City Festival. And it came even better ... At 23:15 a short movie shot of the phone company "orange" took place, with us as their main actors.

Have a look at the short sequence of the advent yourself:

orange werbespotauszug 09_2012

23th November 2012:

In the evenig of the 19th of Nov. we visit "Beni" in his own drummer-school in the little town "Widnau/CH". We covered the song "In spite of all the danger", a song from the legendary band "The quarrymen" from Liverpool. If you click on come together unplugged you can have a look at the DVD clip.

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